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Many years of working experience with China has provided us a large number of links in various fields. We are one of the first to receive news from the insider pool of China’s domestic market and from the major suppliers.


The main reliability factor of the young company is, undoubtedly, its founders, who have over 15 years of business practice in China on the leading positions in the field of supply chain management.


We specialize in creating solutions for industrial mining. We are focusing on creating the best software for managing mining farms.

Team of experts

Our international team works promptly, professionally, and honestly, which is extremely important for an ever-changing market.





Asic Crypto Currency miners for sale also Know as (ASICMININGRIGFORSALE.COM) headquartered in Hong Kong is one of the largest miner distributors into offline sales when it comes to buying Asic miners online. We are a team of professionals with experience in Blockchain Management, Offline Sales, E-Commerce, and Cryptocurrency Mining.

Seeing the current scenario and based on the past experience it is very difficult for the International Buyer to get the product hassle-free. It is very hard to find authentic hardware in the Mining Industry. We sale Crypto miners brands like buy Bitmain, Innosilicon for sale , Baikal miners for sale, IBeLink and Whatsminer Just to name a few

We looking into our customer’s comfort by providing them proper information on product’s current rates and availability in this fluctuating market. We are partnered with various suppliers in China and Hong Kong. Our ultimate goal to give the best service and authentic mining products at reasonable prices with super fast delivery.

Cryptocurrency is the future. Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies as a logical “next step” money and are close to becoming a mainstream form of payment in the future as per the market study by Researchers from Imperial College London and the trading platform eToro assessed the roles of traditional currency and measured how close cryptocurrency had come to fulfilling these.


For starters, no machine or mining rig is present in the shop that hasn’t been tested
by us before shipping it to you, we do that cause we know how hard the way back to the Chinese
mining suppliers is. As mentioned, we possess an extensive database of experience that
puts us at an advantageous position when it comes to helping our customers make the right
decisions for their specific needs for big, mid-size and smaller mining projects.


Apart from promoting and providing people with mining equipment and accessories, we also focus on bringing
relevant and useful information to the surface, educating and advising people so that they can make the most profitable and safe choices.
You could say that we are truly crypto advisors at heart, which is exactly why we always emphasize the risks and possibilities the same way and never exclude or purposely hide information that could affect your end results

Welcome to Asicminingrigforsale.com where you can buy Asic Miners online, Bitmain Antminers for sale, Buy Innosilicon miners online with worldwide Delivery

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